Mission on the Blue Water Planet

Embark on an enchanting journey with “Mission on the Blue Water Planet,” inspired by the teachings and words of Supreme Master Ching Hai. This delightful tale takes children on a magical adventure where they meet the seven Super Spirits from the Realm of Illumination. These wise and loving creatures are called upon by the Supreme One to help save the Beautiful Blue Water Planet, where humans have strayed from their true nature of love and compassion. Through their efforts, the Super Spirits demonstrate the power of love, meditation, and the importance of living harmoniously with all beings.

In this captivating story, young readers will discover the incredible wisdom and compassion of animals, who remind us to reconnect with Heaven through love and kindness. The book highlights the importance of meditation, guided by an enlightened master, and the profound impact of adopting a vegan lifestyle as a form of love in action. As the Super Spirits merge with their animal counterparts, they bring blessings of courage, purity, creativity, and wisdom to humanity, encouraging everyone to embrace their highest potential and contribute to a peaceful and loving world.

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