With a rhythmic, meditative tone, the words of The Noble Wilds flow gracefully along the pages, complemented by the luminous photos of God s creations in nature. Turning the pages, one is transported to Amoura, the place where the lady lives and is visited by cherished beings of the wild. The lady is none other than Supreme Master Ching Hai, and The Noble Wilds is yet another of Her simple but deeply touching gifts.

Written and photographed personally by Master, this precious gem opens the door to a world of unique beauty. Here, the readers can witness firsthand the noble spirit and dedication of our co-inhabitants whose homes are under the open sky the swan, the goose, the squirrel, the beaver and even a tiny garden snail. Although generally shy of humans, these animals allow themselves to be photographed, and indeed can even be seen eagerly approaching the Lady’s gentle offering of favorite foods. The love conveyed is full of dignity and grace, as deep and enduring as the eternal. Printing ink is made of soybean to protect the environment.

The Book Premiere of “The Noble Wilds”