To be healthy and full of energy is our birthright. We should never be burdened with fear of illnesses or worries about medical care. …… “All illnesses stem from our minds. Originally the so-called ‘I’ didn’t exist so the concept of ‘I’m ill’ didn’t exist either, “says The Supreme Master Ching Hai. She adds that going back to the natural and righteous way of life is the genuine medicine. ……
“Getting sick is like digging a hole in our outside layer first. Originally, there’s a layer of protective energy covering our bodies that guards us against the invasive negative power outside. When we get sick, it’s just like having a hole poked in the layer of protective energy so that the illness can directly enter our bodies through the hole…”

…… So how can our layer of protective energy remain intact? The Realization of Health provides answers to this question, and is a bible for the 21st century on the topic of health. Read it and you will find your own remedies.

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